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First I'd like to thank you for finding interest in this album.
The music of this album is originally recorded in the A=432 hz tuning, which means if you want to play along you must tune the instrument to the 432 hz tuning and not 440 hz as it is generally assumed.
The songs correlate with a matching chakra, from bottom to top.
Although three songs are somewhere in between the main chakras.


I'm distributing the album free of charge so it can reach as many people possible. I have invested in this album a whole lot of time and effort.
hopefully you enjoy the album and you correlate with the message.
Love Light & Meditation
Thank you :)

Dreamworld by Ophir Paz

The distribution of the songs is as follow:



So this is my story...
I've been meditating for 11 years now. I started 10 minute meditations a day, where today I meditate 1 hour to 2. I have shifted my main practice to Tai Chi Temple Style (Seven Suns Tai Chi), under the guidance of Master Fǎshī , which focuses on moving meditation. This enables work on the Ying and the Yang of our true nature. I am sharing this information because 4 years ago I had an overwhelming incident with a deep meditation where I've experienced a sort of "explosion" of light and my forehead was pulsing intensively. I was widely awake and aware of myself. This experience exposed me to information in a short amount of time. Eventually the information was interpreted, in this 5 dimensional realm, as a form of music and songs, culminating this album. So I might have written them on paper and physically composed the music that was floating in my head, but… can't really explain in words.


This album doesn’t have any restrains on "How music should be" it is pure free flow creation by the tremendous help and talent of Adi Hayat (Midikol studios) a genius musical producer and friend in Jerusalem. It is not popularized or compressed to fit mainstream media or radio. At the beginning of this project I told Adi (producer): "I'm not looking to push myself into the radio waves, or television or whatever is out there. This project will know no boundaries of time, style, origin or conventional thinking. I want us to feel what should be and go with our instincts… oh and I want it in 432 hz tuning" Adi immediately replied: "Are you nuts!!! You expect me to change the tunings of all instruments and plugins for this project"   The answer was ofcourse: "YES" and we began our journey to the unknown.


I hope you enjoy the album as well as what it's trying to say.



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